The Witcher 3: Open Sesame main quest guide

The Witcher 3: Open Sesame main quest guide

Here’s how to put together the best team to rob a bank in The Witcher 3’s Open Sesame quest.

  • Auction
  • Get to know your contacts
  • In storage
  • Awards

Since the original books that the games were based on, The Witcher 3always referenced or had quests based entirely on old tales and stories. More often than not, these tales are twisted and altered to more accurately reflect the gritty, realistic world of The Witcher, much like the ‘Open Sesame’ quest found in the Hearts of Stone expansion.

This quest is part of the main story development of the DLC, but has quite a few twists and turns, as well as some additional objectives that you need to know about in advance in order to fully experience this quest. If you thought the auction-related quest wouldn’t require The Witcher, you’ll be happy to have our guide when things go wrong.


Updated January 18, 2023 by Quinton O’Connor: We’ve put a lot of effort into revising our ‘Open Sesame’ guide, offering additional information about each step of the operation and adding (hopefully!) helpful notes along the way.

Quest start

‘Open Sesame’ is one of two quests that you can start after completing the ‘Evil’s Soft First Touches’ quest along with ‘Party of the Dead’ To get started head to Oxenfurt and approach the auction house. Since this is an auction, make sure you have extra crowns. With over 1000, you should be able to get some good equipment, as well as 500 for some other items that you will need for some side quests.

Talk, or rather argue, with the guards until Vivaldi comes out and lets you inside. Once you are in the banquet hall, Vivaldi will leave you to speak with his assistants, pointing out three in particular.

It is not necessary to speak to them, but you must do so in order. to get information about the cost of certain auction items and pick up equipment that is only available during this quest.

Countess Mignol

The old countess will immediately show that she #39; familiar with the witchers, including Geralt, and is especially interested in collecting everything related to them. Although she explains that her most prized item, some of the Wolf School armor, is not for sale, you can buy snake gauntlet, armor, pants, and boots schematics for about 1000 crowns. strong> You can talk to her a little more if you’re interested in her previous romance with the witcher, but otherwise you can move on.


If you’re a Gwent fan, you’ll love talking to Gilbert. There isn’t much in his conversation, but you can challenge him to a game worth up to 250 crowns. Just keep in mind that he’s a tough player, so bring your best game and maybe do a quick save beforehand. You will receive a new Gunter O’Dimm card in addition to your crowns from the bet.


Art snob Jaromir has great information about the paintings up for auction, but he’ll test your knowledge of art before he spills the beans. Select the seller portrait option to learn about specific picture, which you can purchase at the auction and let you sell it later for a much higher profit. Just do not share this information with Vivaldi if you want to earn even more.


There are three items up for auction and you can bid on all of them.

  • Statuette of Count Romilly. It can be won for 300 crowns, and although it only costs 150, it is part of the ‘Dark Legacy’ quest.
  • The painting that Jaromir told you about. If you didn’t tell Vivaldi, he’ll only be worth 40, but he can be sold for 150 later. If you told him, you’ll have to go all the way to 60 to win him.
  • Professor glasses. They will cost you 350 and are nothing more than a cosmetic item.

Get to know your contacts

During the intermission, Vivaldi will introduce you to Borsodi, but no matter how you lead the conversation, it will end with you being kicked out of the auction house and you will get into a fight with two guards. As soon as you knock the guards on their backs, the stranger will introduce himself as a potential partner. He will direct you to the herbalist to start the next part of the quest.


As soon as you approach the herbalist’s hut, you will be surrounded by three guards. Take them out as you wish and talk to the herbalist. Ask for a little yarrow extractas ordered by a stranger, and go down to the basement. Here you will meet the stranger again to make a plan to break into the Borsodi vault. Your first task will be to find two more crew members to make the plan work: one will climb the tower and the other will open the vault.


There are two potential bugbears that you can try and recruit for the heist: Quinto and Casmir— but none of them are in a particularly good position right now. Quinto, a master burglar, is currently being held captive by mercenaries. You can free it in several ways.

  1. Pay him a reward of 200 crowns, which you can trade. 170.
  2. Play and win a game of Gwent with a Commander.
  3. Annoy the commander and defeat him in battle.

Casimir, demolition expert, about to blow himself up on the roof of his house.We might want to do something about it. You can calm him down if you’re high enough Aksy skilland take him to the team.


You will also be given a choice of two robbers to recruit in order to climb the tower. Like. This is a circus performer Evelyn, or doppler, Hugo. You can save time by starting with Evelyn, as chasing Hugo will only result in him being already dead. .

Evelyn will be easy to take on board if you aim your crossbow well. Just knock the apples off her friend’s head and she; let’s go wait with the rest of the team.


The last part of the preparation requires that you prepared a cleansing mixture from the spirit of the dwarves, aconite and the blood of a putrid fiendwhich you need the chef to add to the guard’s soup.

The first two ingredients can be bought from herbalists, and blood must be taken from dead foulbroods.

After you have cooked the mixture, eavesdrop on the guards in Oxenfurtfind out that the cook is catching fish. Head to the docks and either "convince" him to use the potion with Axius or pay him 300 crowns.

In storage

After a series of cutscenes, you will regain control of the auction house attack. Use your witcher sense to pick up love lettersand then go to the auction house. Here you will have to fight five guards, but after the third one leaves, Borsodi will appear. Geralt will pursue him, but he will be able to lock himself in his own vault when the bell rings and a swarm of troops appears. This causes the stranger to grab hostages to keep the guards at bay.

To successfully negotiate, you need to choose withdrawal requestthen demanding a wagon and horses when they offer to bargain. Finally, select the requirement standard vehicle and free the hostage to avoid the fight.

If you have chosen Casimir as your bear burglar, you will have to fight no matter what, as soon as there is an explosion that opens the vault.

p> If you brought Quinto, he will pick the lock and let you all in. Here the final confrontation takes place and the stranger reveals his true identity as Ewald, brother of Borsodi. You can choose which brother’s side impose a fight either on Ewald himself, or on Borsodi and his guards. Either option will still allow you to rob the vault.


In addition to the snake charts and auction items, you can also get a bunch of rewards from the vault. You will obviously need the House of Maximilian Brody item to complete the quest, but you can also take the blueprint Viper’s Poison Steel Sword and Ophir’s crossbow. strong>, as well as a lot of currency, jewelry, gems and other rubbish.

The Witcher 3: Open Sesame main quest guide