The Planet Crafter: Where to Use the Nuclear Fusion Fuel Cell

The Planet Crafter: Where to Use the Nuclear Fusion Fuel Cell

The Planet Crafter - Nuclear Fusion Fuel Cell
The Planet Crafter – This is where the Nuclear Fusion Fuel Cell is needed © Miju Games

The Nuclear Fusion Fuel Cell is one of the last items to unlock in the current version of the game. But it’s not entirely clear why this is supposed to be good.

If you go through all the items in the blueprint screen in The Planet Crafter, you will find what is called the “Fusion Fuel Cell” at the very end. Since the Lore and Automation update, the Pulsar Quartz blueprint can be obtained at 175 GTi, but the Nuclear Fusion Fuel Cell requires more than double that, namely 360 GTi, to unlock it.

Unfortunately, once you get to this point, you can be disappointed with what you find. Not only does the Nuclear Fusion Fuel Cell require precious Pulsar Quartz to craft, but it also cannot be used in any of the craftable machines or buildings.

The Great Hill Wreck

The answer to that question lies in the depths of two of the wrecks. These wrecks both contain fusion reactors, and inserting nuclear fusion fuel cells into these wrecks will partially activate them, opening doors to new areas to explore.

The first wreck is the large cargo ship Cirella-IV, lying on the hill opposite the standard landing pad. The reactor can be reached by going straight inside, turning left at the round door, and then going straight at each intersection. The reactor is located just to the right of an information screen describing the ship’s forced landing.

When you turn on the reactor, the red emergency lights will illuminate and two doors will open. The first is a round door on the left as you exit the reactor room, and the second is another round door at an intersection that now extends in four directions.

The wreck at the bow

The second wreckage with a fusion reactor is the Warp Gate Ruins in the northeast corner of the map. The massive archway jutting out of the sand is hard to miss, but the ruin itself is a bit more difficult to spot, lying under the north side of the gate. Also, this ruin is already flooded when the nuclear fusion fuel cell is unlocked.

To find this reactor you should go down as far as you can until you find a room with a message screen. The reactor is on the left side of the screen and on the back wall. As soon as it is switched on, this ruin will also light up and a round door will open. This door is on the right as you exit the reactor room and is only half full of water.

Opening this door gives access to several blue crates. The contents are random, just like every other crate in the game, but depending on how thorough you were in previous terraforming stages, these might be the last blue crates on the map. Since the contents of the blue boxes are random depending on the terraforming level, this means that the items inside are sure to be helpful.

by Torge Christiansen

The Planet Crafter: Where to Use the Nuclear Fusion Fuel Cell