The Mandalorian: New trailer for season 3 + release date

The Mandalorian: New trailer for season 3 + release date

The Mandalorian: New trailer for season 3 + release date

We had to wait a long time to to see Mando and Grogu again. At the 1st March it’s finally time and The Mandalorian goes to the third round. With old friends and some new dangers. We tell you what we know so far.

Warning: spoiler alert. Season 3 on The Mandalorian follows up on the plots of the first two seasons as well as the plots from the sub-series The Book of Boba Fett on. If you haven’t seen everything here and don’t want to be spoiled, it’s better not to read on.

This is the way: reunion among friends

At the end of Season 2, Din Djarin was able to grogu along with the Mandalorian Bo-Katan free from the clutches of Moff Gideon. But the The joy of seeing each other was short-livedwhen young Luke Skywalker appeared and took Grogu to train him as a Jedi.

In The Book of Boba Fett we have them Training Mini Yoda be able to witness and experience and the difficult choice that Luke has given him. The path to becoming a Jedi or the way back to his foster father Din Djarin?

Grogu followed his heart and in the trailer we see the two reunited. Despite the aborted education, the power also shines in Season 3 again very strong in Grogu to be.

In addition to Grogu, there will also be a reunion with the ambivalent in the trailer Greef Karga give. Baby Frik is also there and also Moff Gideonwho was last captured.

Redemption: Return to Mandalore

Mando wants to go to Mandalore with Grogu to get his restore reputation and rank, which he lost by taking off his helmet. In his luggage he has the dark sword and with it the right, the new leader of Mandalore to become.

Whether it will be he who is scattered Mandalorians of the galaxy reunited, but remains to be seen. Because even As is well known, Bo-Katan is eyeing the throne. Incidentally, this will be her confidante in the coming season Fen Rau supported, which is already in Star Wars Rebels was presented.

Besides that another danger looms – in one scene we see several Jedi Knights waiting, ready for battle, for an intruder to cut through a door. A new one or an old one Sith opponent? We are very excited and can hardly wait for March.

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The Mandalorian: New trailer for season 3 + release date