The best emblems for each character in Fire Emblem Engage

The best emblems for each character in Fire Emblem Engage

Despite the game’s attempts to suggest that each ring “belongs” to a specific character, the Emblems of Fire Emblem Engage can be worn by anyone the player chooses. It makes a lot more sense to mix match emblems, because while some characters benefit from the rings themselves, others might just want to inherit a couple of skills from them.

Which emblems are best suited for each division of the Fire Emblem Engage?


It depends on what the player wants to do with Alear in Fire Emblem Engage. If they want to keep him or her in the Divine Dragon class, it’s best to leave Marth with them. Alear can stack a ton of Sword Avoidance with March attached, making them hard to hit.


Since he’s pre-promoted, it’s probably best to leave Wander without the emblem ring. If players want to use him long term, they should probably give him Sigurd due to mobility.


Clann definitely benefits the most from Celica’s ring. At the very least, Clann wants to inherit +3 Magic to increase his damage output.


Framme spends a lot of time behind the army, setting up chainguards and healing units. This actually makes her a good candidate for Byleth’s ring, as she will be able to use the Goddess’ Dance a lot.


Alfred, as a mounted unit, appreciates Sigurd’s mobility and spear strength. That being said, players might also consider giving him a Lyn for +3 speed, as he is usually slow enough to be doubled by regular enemies.


The best emblem for Echi would probably be Roy. This gives her a couple of things: a Strength boost to reach the kill threshold, a melee weapon in the Lancereaver, and an AoE attack that can knock down multiple enemies.


Since the hit count in Fire Emblem Engage can be a bit unreliable, it’s a good idea to gift a Boucheron Lucina. He can inherit her Agility skills and use the powerful All For One if there are units around him. On top of that, the Noble Rapier gives him a weapon advantage against other ax fighters.


The game gives Celine a ring for Celica, which is definitely a great way for the rest of the game. However, players might also consider giving her Mikeya, as she will provide powerful healing with her high Magic stat.


Chloe can be one of the terrifying units in the game with the right amount of Strength. To achieve this, besides having luck with leveling up, players can pair her with Swarm for +5 Strength. Giving a Blazing Lion to a flying unit is also easy to do damage.


Due to his high defense, Louie is a great unit in the enemy phase and therefore a great candidate for Ike’s ring. Louie can sit within range of multiple enemies, take damage from chips, and fire huge Great Aether.


Jin probably shouldn’t see too many fights. This means he wants Micah’s ring to aid in healing or Byleth’s ring so he can be a secondary Dancer.


Even though you start with Micah, it’s a good idea to give Yunak Mart. This gives her increased evasion. It can be fun to place Yunaka on the Thicket tile and watch the enemies hit her with a 3% chance to hit. It also helps her get more critical damage from her personal skill.


The only way to really get Anna to work is to give her as much Strength as humanly possible (her natural Strength gain is 15%). To do this, players will likely have to give her a +5 Strength Swarm Ring and reclassify her as a Wyvern.


Alcryst is perfect for Lyn’s Ring. He already wants to stay behind the army due to his personal skill, so it makes sense to let him fire the Astra Storm from afar.


The Celica ring works well on the Citrenne for players who don’t want it on the Celine. Citrenne has a faster Magic growth rate than Celine, so she gets more benefit from +3 Magic and she hits harder with Warp Ragnarok.

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lapis lazuli

Lapeez may struggle to reach the kill threshold, making her want Roy’s ring more than anything. The Lancereaver also helps her by giving her an advantage over Lance units that can threaten to knock her out.


Especially if the Diamond is upgraded to the Successor class, the Diamond works great with Eirika and Ephraim’s ring. Diamond can combine Sol’s healing with Solar Brace to give him continuous health regeneration.


Like Alfred, Amber wants Sigurd’s ring. This offers mobility, gallop skill, and spear strength that can help Ember land more powerful blows.


Jade is even a better candidate for Ike’s ring than Louie. This is because she benefits from Ike’s Ax Strength skills as well as the Great Aether.


Ivy can do a lot of good with Byleth’s ring on her. If some units get stuck in a tight spot on a given map, Ivy can fly over them to give the Dance of the Goddess, allowing them to move again.


It was only natural to give Kagetsu a Marta ring, which would add more evasion to this already fast Sword Master. Another option could be Swarm for the Lanceriver, which would give Kagetsu the best matchups on the battlefield.


The only ring Zelkov really wants is Mart’s. To be honest, every thief in the game wants Marth’s ring to allow them to stack, avoid, and become almost untouchable to enemies.


The Fogado is a fast unit, but has a hard time hitting hard on some enemies. The best way to fix this is to give him Swarm from +5 Strength or give him Lucina for a powerful All For One with Noble Rapier.


For a High Priest, Pandero has very impressive Magic stats. While giving him Mikea’s ring can be tempting to make him a better healer, Pandreo might be better off with Celica’s ring as he can fire powerful warp ragnaroks.


Bunet is similar to Jade and Louie in terms of statistics. This makes him the third candidate for Ike’s ring. What’s nice about Bunet is that he already comes on horseback, so he can quickly get to densely populated areas and clean them up with Great Ether.


Timerra is one of the few units in the game that is blocked by a spear. This makes her an excellent user of Leif’s ring as she can use different types of weapons. Master Lance also gives Timerra a brave weapon that she can use to destroy her enemies.

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Making Panette a strong unit often comes down to fixing her lackluster speed stat. The fastest way to do this is to give her Lyn for Speed ​​+3. Because of his unbridled strength, Panette is also able to launch a very strong Astra Storm with Lin.


As a Wolf Knight who can easily kill, Merrin definitely appreciates Kanter of Sigurd. If players want to save Sigurd for another unit, they can also get Kanter through Skill Inheritance and use Swarm or Leif on Merrin.


Due to her high mobility, Hortense can use Corrin’s ring quite well. The ability to quickly reach areas and cast Dragon Veins is underrated in Fire Emblem Engage. She can also fly through the water created by the Dragon Fang.


Since Sydall doesn’t want to fight much, giving him Mikea’s ring is a great idea. This will allow him to heal and dance, although he won’t take much damage from the Radiance spell Mikaya grants.


While she doesn’t have most of Jade or Louie, Rosado is another unit that benefits from working with Ike. The advantage of Great Aether is that it boosts defense while charging, so Rosado won’t seem so fragile when she lines up this powerful attack.


Goldmary can put Lucina’s ring to good use. She can hit most enemies hard except for armored enemies, which means she appreciates the Noble Rapier. All For One can also reward her for good positioning with a strong attack.


As a Mage, Lindon easily wants Celica’s ring. At the very least, it’s worth inheriting Lindon’s Magic +3 skill to increase his damage output.


Sapphire can pair well with Ike’s ring for a powerful Great Aether. Another option for Sapphire might be Lin’s ring for +3 speed, especially if Sapphire is reclassified to Wyvern.

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The best emblems for each character in Fire Emblem Engage