Merlin’s Trials in Hogwarts Legacy

Merlin’s Trials in Hogwarts Legacy

Merlin’s trials are one of the many mysteries you can learn about in Legacy of Hogwarts that are hidden all over the map. You can find symbols on the ground outside of Hogwarts, but they won’t become available to you until you complete the quest called Merlin’s Trials, where you will meet Nora Treadwell, an explorer who has been studying these symbols for quite some time. . Here’s what you need to know about Merlin’s trials at Hogwarts Legacy.

What to do about Merlin’s trials in Hogwarts Legacy

How you solve Merlin’s challenge will be related to the particular challenge. Not everyone is the same, but you can find their location on the map, indicated by the Mallowsweet icon that appears on the map. Whenever you pass by one of these areas, it becomes a point of interest on your map, so even if you can’t find it right away, there’s a good chance you can return to the Trial of Merlin and complete it at another point.

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When you arrive at the location, you will need to figure out how to start the challenge and what you need to do to complete it. It is also important that you have sweet mallow leaves on you. If you don’t have these leaves, you won’t be able to complete any of these quests. Tracking these leaves can take a long time. Alternatively, there are several places where you can find them, such as in the Herbology classroom or by buying seeds in Hogsmeade and growing them in the Room of Requirement.

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We encourage players to complete the Merlin Challenges because they are constantly unlocking inventory slots for your character. This allows you to carry more equipment with you, rather than immediately selling it in the store.

Merlin’s Trials in Hogwarts Legacy

Conan Exiles: How to get Tar

Conan Exiles: How to get Tar

Conan Exiles - Tannery
Conan Exiles – Tannery © Funcom

One of the most coveted trade items in Conan Exiles is tar. A black, viscous mass needed for important res.

Tar is a black substance popular with alchemists and sailors. The item is described in-game as sealing wood, but there are many other uses for tar. A by-product of tanning hides, tar is often produced, but the need for Steelfire in the mid to late game often results in shortages of this valuable substance.

What is tar used for in Conan Exiles?

Tar protects the wood it is applied to, but it can also be used in various explosive substances. It is also an important part of one of the most valuable items in the game, the steel fire.

Tar is also used in some dyes and a handful of useful placeables, such as: B. dem Spring. Since steelfire is such a valuable re that will no doubt require a lot, knowing how to get tar is important.

How to get tar in Conan Exiles

Tar is the natural by-product of tanning animal hides. While there are other ways, this is the main way to get tar, especially in bulk. For a tar three skins must be tanned to their respective leather form.

A by-product of the tanning process, tar is a limited-time re in terms of the amount that can be crafted in an hour. Striving to produce more tar inevitably leads to higher raw material costs when building new tanneries. Still, sometimes it’s worth the investment to increase overall tar production. It depends on how much tar you want to produce and whether the need for that production justifies an additional tannery to increase the amount.

In order to tan hides, animal hides and bark must be collected to be processed in the tannery.

How to get animal skins in Conan Exiles

Collecting large amounts of animal skins depends on which area of ​​the map you live in. However, almost all animals, including humans, offer small amounts of animal skins when killed and harvested with a tool. For this reason, it is easily possible to collect smaller amounts of animal skins.

However, if one is looking for larger amounts, the best place is the savannah in the north center of the desert. This is an area of ​​hilly grassland where rhinos, elephants and tigers live. The savannah is a good place to farm animal skins, because there is not only plenty of yield here, but there is also the possibility of leveling up your own character or the thralls.

Combat in the savannah can be tough, so it’s best to bring at least steel weapons and tools with you, although iron can do if you’re careful. Bring a weapon you are comfortable with, a skinning knife, and some food, water, bandages, and potions to heal yourself.

The primary purpose is to hunt rhinos. These animals are easy to kill and offer plenty of hiding places. tiger are also a good option, however elephants should be avoided at low levels and hunted with a thrall or two. They are huge enemies that can deal a lot of damage.

Once each animal has been killed, it’s time to skin it. You choose that skinning knife and skin the carcass to get as much animal skin as possible. It doesn’t matter what type of fur or skin you get, because basically everything is useful. On a tour of the savannah, a large amount of animal skins can be collected from the animals that live here, as well as those killed on the way to and from the savannah.

Animal Hides, Rhino Hides, Elephant Hides, Reptile Hides, Thick Hides, etc. can be converted to animal hides at the Tanning Table if you wish. But they are also extremely useful for other things.

How to collect bark in Conan Exiles

In addition to animal skins, bark is also used as fuel for tanning. Unlike a campfire, oven, or fireplace, the tannery requires bark to tan the hides. However, bark is easy to obtain.

First you need a pickaxe. Iron is very useful in the early stages of the game, but having Steel or something better is even more beneficial. Then you look for a tree nearby and start chopping. An ax collects a lot of wood, but the pickaxe provides resin and bark. The resin is extremely useful, for example Insulated wood or Hardened Stone to produce, and bark is used in tanning.

Dead trees, which contain no resin but contain small amounts of dry wood in addition to the bark, provide an opportunity to collect more bark. However, these are rarely found.

There is also an alternative but less efficient method of obtaining bark, which involves breaking regular wood into bark. This is done at a carpenter’s workbench, and the wood to bark ratio will improve once you’ve crafted the upgraded version of the benches. This method can prove useful for obtaining bark, but one should not deplete wood supplies.

How to process animal skins

Now that the bark and hide are in place, it’s time to start tanning. At the beginning of the game you only own either the normal or the improved tannery. However, the upgraded tannery offers a slightly increased burn time, producing more tar per bark.

The Precision Tannery is the perfect choice for efficient tar production. This tannery consumes fuel much faster, which increases the need for bark, however hides are tanned 360% faster. If you’re able to obtain and maintain a large supply of bark, this tanning is a great option, but otherwise the Improved Tanning or Plant Tanning work very well.

Other ways to get tar in Conan Exiles

There are a few other methods of making tar without tanning hides, although they are far from ideal.

The first is to use one Alchemist Workbench for the production of tar. This requires any T4 alchemist and a handful of res. These recipes are listed below.

  • 20 Oil and 5 Crude Ash
  • 10 resin and 10 raw ash

Unless you already have a supply of raw ash, none of these methods are worthwhile. This is especially true when using oil, a valuable re that should not be used to make tar.

Another method is to crush coal into tar. To produce a tar, 25 pieces of coal must be placed in a liquid press. Even if you have large reserves of coal, such production of tar is not worthwhile.

Finally, there is something that cannot be obtained regularly, but is an alternative of tar. Killing animals will eventually give you some heads. These heads can be tanned into leather and tar at the Tannery. It is not very practical to extract tar using this method alone, but it is possible.

by Torge Christiansen

Conan Exiles: How to get Tar

Sonic Colors: Ultimate is now also available on Steam

Sonic Colors: Ultimate is now also available on Steam

Sonic Colors: Ultimate is now also available on Steam

Sega has finally released Sonic Colours: Ultimate on Steam.

The PC version of the remaster of the original game released on the Wii in 2010 was released in 2021, but was exclusive to the Epic Games Store.

Now it is also available on Valve’s digital distribution platform, where it also has a 30% discount as a launch promotion, until February 13. The discounts, in fact, extend to other titles starring the mascot of the Japanese company, such as Sonic Frontiers (30%) or Sonic Origins (50%).

The Ultimate version includes remastered graphics, Rival Rush mode (in which you race against Metal Sonic), a new Wisp power, and various quality of life improvements.

Sonic Colors: Ultimate is now also available on Steam

Learn the Hogwarts Legacy Disarming Charms (Jackdaw’s final resting place)

In the quest titled “Jackdaw’s Last Home”, you must first learn the Disarm Charm before you can start and then complete the quest. In this context, maybe one or the other Hogwarts Legacy player will ask the question, how to learn and unlock the disarm spell? If you have the same “problem”, this short guide may be able to help you.

Jackdaw’s final resting place quest

The disarm spell required for the quest is the Expelliarmus spell. To unlock the spell, one needs to complete the “Professor Hecat 2 Quest” which should also be in the quest log along with the quest “The Jackdaw’s Last Home”. After completing the Professor Hecats quest, return to the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom. Once in the classroom, you can then learn the disarming spell called Expelliarmus. After learning the spell in the lesson, you should also see a notification in the top left about the updated quest, Jackdaw’s Last Home, which you can start now.

Expelliarmus (damage spell)

Snatch wands and weapons from the hands of most opponents. Also deals damage to all enemies, even if they are not currently wielding a weapon.

The new “Expelliarmus” disarm spell can now be equipped by moving the d-pad to the right and assigning it to a button. To do this, first press the directional pad to the right, hold down the R2 button (PlayStation) or the RT button (Xbox) and then select one of the buttons on the controller.

Learn disarming spells

Tip: Here is how you can change the game language in Hogwarts Legacy and switch the game to English.

All Highlands Manual Pages (Locations)

Hogwarts Legacy: Alle Handbuchseiten im Hochland (Lösung, Fundorte, Guide)

All Highlands Manual Pages (Locations)

In Hogwarts legacy There are plenty of manual pages to be found, not only in the famous school and popular town of Hogsmeade, but also in all other regions of the open world known as the Highlands. In this Guide we’ll tell you where you all Revelio manual pages on the world map can find.

Keep in mind that we are only showing you the manual pages that you can find outside of Hogwarts and Hogsmeade. If you are looking for the collectibles in these regions, please take a look at our corresponding guides, where we also show you the locations of all manual pages:

Hogwarts Legacy: All Hogsmeade Valley Manual Pages

chocolate frogs

Head southeast of Hogsmeade and you’ll come to a small one Garden with a hedge that looks like a dragon. Look for the upper area here and you will discover the chocolate frogs on a stone bench.

Squib cottage

In the fields east of Hogsmeade, south of Flea Flame place East Valley of Hogsmeade, there is a small stone hut and a shed with chickens. On the outside of the house you will find three pots behind an iron grate. Use Revelio here.

Pumpkin Lemonade

Find the place Upper Hogsfield on. In the northwest of this village there is a multi-storey house with a small tower. Look for a counter in the lower area and use Revelio there. By the way, in the attic in the room next door you will find a hidden chest.

Hogwarts Legacy: All manual pages in the Feldcroft region

jewel brooch

Find the easternmost location of this region in Hogwarts Legacy, the village Irondale. There, at the easternmost point, there is a large windmill, on the steps of which you can finally examine this brooch.

cinnamon bark

Between the Flea Flame locations Feldcroft Catacombs and Irondale there is a medium-sized bandit camp right between the water and the mountains. Enter the large building there to the north, in the cliff face. The manual page you’re looking for is in the main room, just in front of the large fireplace.

Feldcroft’s Well

Find the location in the center of the region. During the secondary mission Kidnapped chewing cabbage you’re going to end up here anyway. Use Revelio at the fountain in the middle of the village and the manual page is yours.

training dummies

These dummies are northeast of the village Feldcroft, which you can find in the region of the same name. Just follow the path north/northeast and you will pass it after a few meters.

bouquet of lovage

This pretty bouquet of herbs lies in a rock niche south of Feldcroft. From the medium-sized bandit camp in this region, head south/southwest. As soon as you are close, the manual page will be displayed on the map and you can set a waypoint.

Broken binoculars

Go away Rookwood Castle, the ruins west of Feldcroft town, head northeast and you’ll come to an old tower by the water. A place where you the traveling saleswoman Priya Treadwell can encounter. On the west side, climb the ladder up to the chest and you will find the manual entry.

Peruvian Instant Eclipse Powder

On the westernmost edge of this region, right by the Flea Flame location West Valley of Hogwarts, there is a bandit camp. At the highest point in the northeastern area you will be able to reveal this manual entry with Revelio.

Hogwarts Legacy: All 55 Manual Pages In Hogsmeade (Solution, Guide, Locations)
© Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Inc.

Hogwarts Legacy: All manual pages south of Hogwarts

Ticket office at Hogsmeade railway station

Southeast of Hogsmeade is a small train station. Go to the central building and use Revelio as usual to get another entry.

spider limbs

Find the village Aranshire which is south of Hogsmeade. You can reach the location easily by simply following the tracks south from Hogsmeade. In the small village, examine the metal cage with Revelio to unlock this entry.

janitorial tools

Head south out of the school on your way to the village Lower Hogsfield you will pass a small hut near the water. Go inside, use Reveleio and the leaf will be added to your collection.

Hogwarts Legacy: All manual pages north of Hogwarts

Alihotsi cake

Find the Flea Flame location Forbidden Forest up and head east where you can see an unnamed ruin. To the north of it, on a ledge, are two wooden benches, one of which has this cake on it.

Hogwarts Legacy: All Hogwarts Valley manual pages

Black Hebride

Follow the path from Lower Hogsfield from to the south, approximately at the height of the treasure vault you will find this entry.

Enchanted Scarecrow

The small village is south-east of Hogwarts, between Aranshire and Keenbridge Brocburrow. Look for the small garden at the southwestern point and examine the scarecrow with Revelio.

The crooked house

This attraction is in Keenbridgein the north of Northern swamp by the sea or south of Central Valley of Hogwarts. The crooked house is right on the side of the road and cannot be overlooked.

ginger plants

Seeks Keenbridge in the center of Hogwarts Valley and examine the bar by the bridge, directly across from Merlin’s Trial.


also in Keenbridge to find. Find the eastern edge of the village, south of the fast travel point, and you can see the large beehives by the river.


Follow the path west of Keenbridge and you reach a spot where you can find both a treasure vault and a kaleidoscope of butterflies. Next to said vault is a small tomb that has a manual page ready for you.

Doxy Egg

Pursue the secondary mission Kidnapped Kaukohl and you will reach a small bandit camp southwest of Keenbridge. Near the box where you find the first stolen cabbage is a small black egg that you can extract a manual page from.

(…) This guide is currently still under construction and will be updated regularly.

All Highlands Manual Pages (Locations)

▷Prediction of Disney Lorcana Lorcana ✔️ WM【 2023 】

Vorhersage der Überlieferungen von Disney Lorcana

▷Prediction of Disney Lorcana Lorcana ✔️ WM【 2023 】

I have a theory about the plot of Disney Lorcana and I’m pretty sure it’s correct. I put them up when the trading card game was first announced ahead of last year’s D23 Expo. We didn’t have much information back then, so I wisely kept it to myself (and a few hundred people on the Disney Lorcana HQ Discord Server). The details are just beginning to leak out, but with each new revelation, my little lore theory grows stronger.

I think now is the best time to reveal them before Lorcana’s Ravensburger creators can preempt me. If I’m right, feel free to message me on Twitter or text me about how cool, smart, and handsome I am. If I’m wrong, it was just a joke and I think you should stop taking everything so seriously.

There’s a lot we don’t know about Lorcana yet. When it was first revealed last year, there were just seven cards and a blurb describing it as an “immersive trading card game” in which players use magic ink – and that’s about it. Months later we’ve seen 11 more maps and learned a few details, including the names of the color system called Inks, but we still don’t know how the game is actually played or what it’s about. If you’re like me, the world of Lorcana is just as important as the game itself.

Fans had enough time to analyze the first maps and come up with some theories about game mechanics. Things like mana systems, turn order, victory conditions, and victory points are up for debate, and each new card sheds a little more light on how the game will work. In the meantime, I’m sitting here in my little story corner, trying to figure out why Disney heroes fight each other in the first place – and why some look so different from the characters we know and love.

Each character card – which we now know are called Glimmers – has a set of types that indicate what kind of card it is. Mickey Mouse is a hero, Elsa is a queen, Maleficent is a dragon, and Captain Hook is a pirate. These are fairly self-explanatory designations specific to each character, but there is another set of types that all have in common that separate Glimmers into distinct groups. So far, all of the characters we’ve seen are either Storyborn, Dreamborn, or Floodborn, and it’s not clear what those designations mean. Some thought they had something to do with the Inks, but Maleficent and Cruella De Vil are both Storyborn, and their Inks are Ruby and Emerald respectively, so it can’t be that.

I believe Storyborn, Dreamborn, and Floodborn all point to Lorcana’s lore, and each card’s artwork reveals their meaning. Here’s the theory: Storyborn characters are the actual characters from the Disney movies, exactly as you remember them. If we look at the Storyborn cards in the D23 Expo set – Robin Hood, Maleficent and Cruella – we can see that they are film-accurate representations of these characters. They are classics born from the stories we already know.

The characters in Dreamborn are different. They’re still the same characters, but they’ve been updated in a small way to differentiate them from the original. Captain Hook is still a rogue pirate captain, but instead of a rusty hook for a hand, he wields a long, curved sword. Elsa is still the ice-wielding queen of Arendelle, but now she’s a trained sorceress who reads from magical books. These are familiar characters, modified with a touch of fantasy so that the label “Dreamborn” seems appropriate.

Finally, Floodborn are completely reimagined characters taken from the multiverse. They have a completely different look and story than the classic characters, and while they’re still identifiable as the heroes and villains they’re based on, they wouldn’t necessarily fit into the stories they came from anymore. The Floodborn version of Stitch is a blonde mohican rock star who sings and plays guitar on stage at a beachside concert. This is my favorite part of the theory: the Floodborn were created when the magic ink was spilled on the drawing board; they are literally born out of a flood of ink.

Floodborn creates so many cool opportunities for Lorcana. Not only does it open the door to multiple interpretations of each character (and indeed every Floodborn Glimmer to date has the ability Shift, which points to multiple versions of the same character), but it also creates the possibility for expansions with coherent themes. An entire set could be filled with Floodborns based on a single theme, like steampunk, superheroes, or zombie apocalypse, and storylines could develop out of the different types of conflicts these glimmers create.

People like to speculate on how far Lorcana can go and whether it will include Marvel, Star Wars, and live-action characters, but using the Dreamborn and Floodborn to reimagine familiar characters gives Ravensbuger endless possibilities To keep Lorcana fresh without having to include a bunch of niche characters from random Disney Channel shows. Jar Jar Binks and Beans from Even Stevens would be fun, but the longer Lorcana can stick to Disney animated classics, the better.

Everything we’ve seen so far fits my theory, so I hope I’m right. Imagining what kind of Floodborn characters we might eventually see makes me even more excited for the upcoming map reveals. If I’m wrong, at least I have the pleasure of knowing that it was a pretty good idea, which is almost as good as being right.

▷Prediction of Disney Lorcana Lorcana ✔️ WM【 2023 】

Update 1.70 fixes big problem on 2/7/23

Update 1.70 fixes big problem on 2/7/23

With the sentence “Big problem, small fix, the developers Maxis today presented the new update 1.70 for “The Sims 4”! We tell you what was repaired!

Sims 4 release banners

Today it’s not about new content being integrated into the life simulation, it’s just about fixing a big bug!

The new “The Sims 4 update 1.70‘ is immediately available for download, for all platforms. Unfortunately, we do not know the file size, but it should only be a small download.

The Sims 4 update 1.70 patch notes

base game

  • We found an issue resulting in the game crashing on PlayStation and Xbox. We were able to fix the problem and it should no longer occur.

That was all, there is nothing more! You can read the list of bug fixes for today’s patch on the official website.

You can find more news and tips about the game here.

Update 1.70 fixes big problem on 2/7/23

40 years Adobe – the story behind the PDF

40 years Adobe - the story behind the PDF

40 years Adobe – the story behind the PDF

Adobe Systems Inc. has been around for over 40 years. The PDF format, which has been around since 1993, is also part of the success.

Throughout his working life, John Warnock has always dreamed of digitizing the printing press. The employee at the US computer company Evans & Sutherland has been developing this since the early 1970s. After moving to Xerox, he continues to work on a technical solution. Xerox is known for being the first company to mass produce copiers in the early 1960s. Here John Warnock meets Charles Geschke. He is enthusiastic about the idea of ​​developing a universal format that will allow books and magazines to be laid out on a computer in the future. However, Xerox sees no potential in this. Therefore, the two visionaries left Xerox and founded their own company, Adobe Systems Inc., in December 1982.

Postscript is the basis for later PDF

Now the development is picking up speed. Incidentally, the company’s name comes from Adobe Creek, which runs behind John Warnock’s home. In the meantime, the format the developer is working on has also been given a name: Postscript.

A first version appeared in 1984. This marked nothing less than a revolution in the areas of printing and layout. Since the invention of modern book printing by Johannes Gutenberg in the 15th century, the printing of books, newspapers and magazines has involved a lot of manual work over the centuries. In the course of time there are presses that work better and better. However, this still takes a lot of time. Quick changes to the layout are hardly possible.

Apple wants to buy Adobe

In the future, the computer will help with the layout with the postscript format from Adobe. During development, Adobe attaches great importance to a device-independent solution. That means Postscript is a universal format that always delivers the same print image on different computers.

This is also the reason why the format is spreading so quickly. A certain Steve Jobs from the computer manufacturer Apple once again demonstrated his flair for revolutionary trends in the mid-1980s. That’s why the Apple boss is making a purchase offer to Adobe.

However, John Warnock and Charles Geschke politely decline the purchase price of five million US dollars. However, the two listen to the Adobe investors and grant Apple a stake in the company. Apple also gets a five-year license to use Postscript.

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How does postscript work?

Basically, Postscript provides the basis for what is known as desktop publishing. All graphic elements and fonts are designed as scalable vector graphics so that graphics and printed pages can be displayed without loss on various output devices. Thanks to Postscript, these elements can now be resized to fit the page format. The ingenious thing: Regardless of the size, the graphics or text remain pin-sharp.

At the same time, Postscript still serves as an interface for printers. Printers are controlled via this format. The postscript driver then creates a printout that has the same layout as on the screen.

No PDF without Postscript

does this seem familiar to you? Correct. Nothing else happens when you print out a PDF document. PDF stands for Portable Document Format and also comes from Adobe. In 1993 the PDF is presented to the public. Without the development of Postscript, there would be no PDF either.

Apple in particular is making sure that the new and universal standard for documents is spreading quickly on its Mac computers. However, Adobe also supplies the appropriate software for Windows computers, for example the free Acrobat Reader. At that time only a few private users could afford the main program Acrobat. The software can be used to create and edit PDF files, among other things.

When it comes to software for creative people, Adobe is now one of the leading companies. Photoshop, for example, was released in 1990, before the introduction of the PDF. The program is still considered to be the photo editing program par excellence.

By the way: James Cameron also uses Adobe Photoshop for his Avatar film in 2009 to create concept studies and to design the textures of his mythical creatures. The director also relies on the services of the software for the second Avatar film in 2022.

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Adobe one of the 100 most valuable stock exchange companies

Adobe has been offering the Premiere Pro program for creative videographers since the 1990s. InDesign appeared at about the same time. This Adobe software has become the standard program in the field of layout.

Adobe’s rise continues unabated. The company does not develop everything itself. Adobe is consolidating its position through clever acquisitions. This was also the case in 2005, when the company took over the software manufacturer and main competitor Macromedia for 3.6 billion US dollars, an unimaginably large sum of money at the time. With the takeover, Adobe is driving the Flash standard forward. Adobe Flash plays an essential role in embedding videos or other interactive elements in the 2000s.

The days of high-priced Adobe programs have been history since the 2010s at the latest. The entire Adobe software catalog is moving to the cloud. A monthly fee is charged to use the programs. Thanks to the Adobe Creative Cloud, many more people are now able to use the creative programs on their home computers.

Adobe recently made headlines with another acquisition. The Figma acquisition will cost the company $20 billion. In return, Adobe gets the company’s accumulated knowledge in one fell swoop. Which specializes in cloud-based design software. With the acquisition of Figma, Adobe hopes to further advance the collaboration of workgroups via the cloud in real time. With annual sales of almost 16 billion US dollars, Adobe is now one of the 100 most valuable stock exchange companies in the world.

40 years Adobe – the story behind the PDF

Where is the God of War series?

Where is the God of War series?

Where is the God of War series?

The boss of Sony Pictures Television Studios takes stock.

Given the huge success of The Last of Us For the past few days, the licensing of phenomenal video games will be closely scrutinized in the coming months. Some are even already the subject of adaptations under development. This is the case of falloutset to become a Prime Video series under the leadership of the creators of Westworld, jonathan nolan And Lisa Joy. This is also the case of god of war.

After The Last of Us, Pedro Pascal in a Mario Kart series: the SNL sketch

Again, Prime Video will broadcast … but not right away. Sony Pictures Television Studios, which is directing the adaptation, provided an update on the upcoming series in an interview with Deadline. Katherine Pope explains that work on the project has just begun and the idea is to do a very faithful adaptation:

“We are working on god of war but we are only at the beginning. I know the game pretty well, and I’m so impressed with what they’re already doing in terms of building and expanding this world… They’ve kept the values ​​of the game but they’ve also managed to extend it from so even if you’ve never played it, you’ll love it.”

This is Rafe Judkins (The wheel of time) who will be the showrunner, while Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby (Iron Man, The Expanse) are currently co-writing the screenplay alongside Judkins.

Evil Dead: The Game – Best Survival Abilities for Beginners

Evil Dead: The Game – Best Survival Abilities for Beginners

Are you taking your first steps here? Don’t forget about these useful features.

  • Cheryl Williams – The Healing Zone
  • Red Henry – Temporary Invincibility
  • Ash Williams (Evil Dead 2) – Exorcism
  • Amanda Fisher – Temporarily unlimited Ammo
  • Mia Allen – property protection
  • Ash Williams (Army of Darkness) – Increased health, fear and damage

So, you’ve decided to fight evil with the best of them? Well, grab your trusty arrow and something blunt or sharp, because evil is out there and it’s out to take the souls of the innocent in Evil Dead: The Game.

Newcomers to this asymmetrical horror show will no doubt want to learn the tools of the trade as a survivor first. There is an impressive roster of survivors to choose from across all of the Evil Dead movies and the Ash vs Evil Dead TV show. Each survivor has their own strengths, weaknesses and special abilities. It is these abilities that can often make or break a fresh-faced newcomer. So, pay attention to the skills of each character and keep an eye on your gauges.


Ash Williams (Evil Dead) – Fear Reduction

Managing your fear level is just as important as managing your own health. Why? If your fear is high, the demon player can easily find you, and if he feels aggressive at any particular moment, he may possess you.

The younger version of Ash from the original Evil Dead movie has the ability reduce his own fear and the fear of those members of his group who are in close proximity. However, this is especially useful for a beginner as it is important to stay away from the daemon site. Use this ability as often as possible, even if there are no teammates nearby.

Cheryl Williams – The Healing Zone

Also in the Support category is Ash’s sister, Cheryl. Her active ability is establishing a healing perimeter that gradually restores the health of those who stand in it. Other than Shemps, this is the only other self-healing ability in the game, making it the best choice for a newbie.

Keep in mind that this action will not give you a full health bar. But it can get you out of a tight spot, especially if you’re grabbing targets like the Necronomicon or a dagger.

If you do not communicate with your team through microphones, sometimes it can be frustrating to make sure they stay in one place if you’re trying to heal them with this ability. It’s best to use this ability to heal the team when they do pit stopssuch as opening a loot chest or stopping at a light to reduce fear.

Henry the Red – temporary invincibility

Henry is an absolute beast. As for the survivors, he deals the most damage in the group. This in itself makes it an ideal choice for beginners. However, his active ability also makes him temporarily invulnerable.

Apart from the obvious reasons for the temporary relief from the onslaught, this ability is also perfect for reviving another player, since no enemy can hit Henry and stop the process. Similarly, this can be used when resurrecting players, activating targets such as the Necronomicon or Dagger, and absolute casting on demon boss characters.

Watch out for Henry’s invulnerability, especially if you’ve used him. as a last effort with low health. This can often give you a false sense of security though. actually it doesn’t last very long..It rises as fast as you activate it, leaving you vulnerable. If you are low on life, you should use the ability to run away from a dangerous situation.

Ash Williams (Evil Dead 2) – Exorcism

As a hunter, the Evil Dead 2 version of Ash Williams has increased efficiency when using an arrow. With the right level, he can even start matches with an arrow without having to beg for it.

But his ability exorcise the demons one of the best defensive maneuvers in the world. a game. Demons are most powerful when the enemy player actually controls one of them. Knocking the player out of their Demon Meat Suit can save a life. And although the boss cannot be turned, using this ability on him will significantly reduce his demonic energy.

This ability is a projectile-like force emitted by the ash in the direction it is aimed at. So it is very likely that you will miss the intended target. If you miss, the game is relentless. You will have to wait for the possibility of replenishment. For beginners, it’s easiest to target demons possessed by the player, as they will attack right at you.

Amanda Fisher – temporary unlimited ammo

Sometimes ammo can be few and far between. The gun is Amanda’s bread and butter as her stats can increase its effectiveness when using weapons, including attack speed and damage. Her active ability perfectly complements her ability to handle a pistol, giving her a short time to shoot without using ammo.

This ability is best used with a quick fire pistol. In addition, you must improve Amanda’s skills, which give her increased critical, stun, and dismemberment damage when using firearms. This combination will prove fatal.

Of course, this ability comes in handy when ammo is low. But it’s also a great move to take your anger out on big demon enemies like boss characters. Activate the ability and then fire your pistol at the enemy as fast as your trigger finger can fly. You’ll be surprised how many shots you can fire and how much damage you can deal in the short amount of time this ability gives you.

Mia Allen – Possession Defense

Mia is a DLC character. She is an absolute beast when wields a machete due to its increased attack speed and increased damage with this weapon. Her special ability when activated is protection from demonic possession.. The caveat is that her fear level rises quickly, but it will also decrease when the ability ends, depending on how many demons she has killed in that moment.

This ability works well in conjunction with her damage output when the fear level is high. Mia can deal more damage the higher her fear bar is. Therefore, while her ability is active and her fear ability skyrockets, she inflicts a lot of pain and punishment on any demons that get in her way.

Be careful, demons can see all survivors highlighted wherever they are on the map if their fear bar is high. During this ability, Mia will likely be highlighted in red in the demon’s perspective, which usually indicates both her location and that she may be possessed. But, of course, this unique ability does not allow the demon to master it.

However, it’s best not to use this ability unless you’ve already caught the attention of the demon player. Otherwise, you will throw a metaphorical flare for the demon player to find you.

Ash Williams (Army of Darkness) – Increased health, fear and damage

If you’re looking for an all-around boost amid the chaos of your battle with the Kandarian demons, then the Army of Darkness version of Ash might be your best bet. His ability (Wiseman’s potion) is something of a panacea. He heals, reduces fear, reduces damage taken, and increases damage you deal for a short duration.

Since it doesn’t focus on any one ability, don’t do it. ; don’t expect you to become Superman when using it. It moderately helps in all categories. However, don’t forget to take advantage of the bonuses immediately after using the ability. Picking up the Necronomicon or the Dagger is the perfect time to use this ability during an onslaught of the dead.

Evil Dead: The Game – Best Survival Abilities for Beginners