Nerd in the Dirt: When will the new episodes be released?

Nerd in the Dirt Folgen-Guide

Nerd in the Dirt: When will the new episodes be released?

Nerds in the Dirt is a new survival project YouTube. The episodes appear on the channel from Trymacs, who is himself a participant in the format. Together with three other streamers and an expert, they make the wilderness of Finland unsafe.

In this Episode Guide you can find out which episodes have already been released and when the new episodes will appear.

This is the first season of Nerd in the Dirt

At Trymacs survival format embark four streamers without any outdoor experience on an expedition. Along with Ex-soldier Otto Karasch (OttoBulletproof) as an expert the young men cross the cold, white wilderness of Finland in the first season of the format.

Along with Trymacs have Nici (Trymac’s brother), MckyTV and Chefstrobel set out to traverse and explore icy Scandinavia. On the way, the adventurers can expect pure outdoor experiences and one or the other challenges.

If you are interested in the series, here is episode one:

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Trymacs has already announced that it is coming to Finland further seasons “Nerd in the Dirt”. Different climate zones such as sandy desert and tropics are to be explored.

Nerd in the Dirt: All episodes at a glance

The project is already on Launched December 26, 2022. New episodes appear twice a week, probably every Wednesday and Sunday. Four episodes of the format have now appeared on the Trymacs channel.

How many episodes of Nerd in the Dirt will there be? Trymacs has not revealed any details about this. However, it is quite likely that we will have a similar number of episodes as with 7 vs Wild could get. That would leave about ten more episodes.

Nerd in the Dirt: When will the new episodes be released?