Forspoken: Should you quit Susurrus or go home to New York?

Forspoken: Should you quit Susurrus or go home to New York?

The prophesied started with a decision of difficulty and ends with a big decision: do you want to stay in Athia and fight Susurrus or return home to Homer in New York? At this point in the game, you know who Susurrus is, you know Frey’s origins and Destiny, and you know the history of Athia. There will be major spoilers in this guide as I will tell you what each choice does. Here’s what each decision in Forspoken does.

Select End Susurrus

If you choose to end the fight with Susurrus, You basically choose the good ending. If you choose this option, leave New York behind and embark on your destiny as a tanta in Athia.

After selecting this option, You will be teleported to Cipal where you will face off against Susurrus. In this final boss fight, you will eventually defeat Susurrus and save Athia from his current impending doom. When Susurrus is defeated, you can unlock shaded parts of Athia again to complete more activities.

Decide to go home to New York

If Athia is too much for you and you can’t face Susurrus, you can choose to return home to New York and leave it all behind. This is the bad ending. Not only morally bad, but also narratively. I was shocked at how underwhelming the New York finale was.

If you decide to return to New York, You will be treated to a cutscene that lasts around fifteen seconds. This cutscene only shows the streets of New York and then pans to Frey carrying Homer down the street. Then it fades out to the credits.

If you want to see both endings of Forspoken, manually save your progress before choosing. If you do this, you can see both endings by loading your last save. After seeing both endings, you can load into the save you create after defeating Susurrus. From there, you can continue playing Forspoken and get mana as quickly as possible.

The prophesied is available now for PlayStation 5 and PC.

Forspoken: Should you quit Susurrus or go home to New York?