Forsaken: Walkthrough Chapter 3 (Intruder)

Forsaken: Walkthrough Chapter 3 (Intruder)

Chapter 3 of Forspoken gives players a chance to learn a little more about Atia and also introduces them to one of the game’s main antagonists.

Chapter 3 Forspokenthis is where the game really starts to come into its own. After a slow start, players eventually enter a wide-open world and are given the freedom to explore as they see fit. In this chapter, they will also gain access to the game’s crafting and upgrade systems, allowing them to upgrade some of Frey’s new fancy gear.

Those who choose the shortest path to their goal will be able to complete the chapter in just over an hour. However, since the critical path passes through Forspokenplayers who are a stone’s throw away from numerous pieces of side content will likely end up spending around ninety minutes on it; more if they really go crazy looking for adventure.

Jail break

Unfortunately, just like the previous chapter, the first half of Chapter 3 starts off incredibly slow and players need to escape the prison. To do this, they must first study windowover the bed and then take a look at cell door. Just as it begins to look like Freyr will have to use his magic to break free, Oden, the woman who stood up for Frey at trial, will come to the door and agree to save her, which begins a long and difficult section of the follow-up.

Players will need follow oden from the top of Binnoy’s Tower to her home in the Sipal underground city, which will take about ten minutes in total. Although the guards can be caught, players need not worry about this if they stick close to Oden and keep in the shadows in accordance with the recommendations. . Eventually, they will end up at Oden’s house, where they will need to explore picture.on the wall and Journal on the table to progress through the story.

Cipal study

After agreeing to help Oden find her father’s diaries discussing the break, players must rest in the nearest bed… When Frey wakes up, she will change into her new fashionable outfit and players will be given the opportunity to explore the city. There are a few people with question marks over their heads that players can interact with to gain some experience, and players can also drop Partha in the tavern below Oden’s house for a temporary stat boost.

However, for now, the only thing really worth doing is finding cat north of the main quest marker. It is marked on the map with an icon that looks a bit like an i and is easy to track by placing a marker. Following this cat will lead players to the doll, a special item that can be traded for special items later in the game. It is also considered one of the game’s many detours that actually serve as side quests. Forspoken.

After exploring the city, players must travel to quest markerwhich is located in the southernmost part of the city. Unfortunately, the city gates are closed, but a familiar face appears and agrees to help Frey in exchange for an apple. Players must follow Olevia to the Keepers Finder., where they will then have the opportunity to play around with the game’s creation and enhancement systems. After that, they can travel to nearby forests and use them to leave Cipal.

Beyond Cipal

After leaving the city, the players must follow the path to the east. In doing so, they will encounter a bunch of Breakzombies: people who have been corrupted by the Breakzombies. They are fairly easy to defeat, which is a good omen as there are a lot of them roaming the lands outside of Sipal. Eventually, players will come to a place known as the Mulberry Spring, which is a bit like a hot spring. If the players jumpedFrey will learn the Jump spell, which can then be used to climb over the nearest wall.

This is where things really start to open up and players get a fair amount of freedom as to what they do next. After stopping at the Barren Plains hideout to unlock a fast travel location, they will want to look at the map and use it for route your goal. Assuming they’re heading straight for the Xenos Guild, they’ll pass several mutants, several landmarks, the Monument of Love, and the Locked Labyrinth. However, if they investigate more carefully, much more can be found.


Forspoken pretty typical for an adventure game with more points of interest being added as players delve deeper into the unknown. With this in mind, players should check their map periodically to make sure they don’t miss anything.

When approaching a xenos guild, players must enter Cipal East Refuge. strong> to rest and unlock it as a fast travel location, as this will allow them to come back later and clear any side content they didn’t interact with on their first pass. Then they must be ready. head inside the guildwhere they will need to climb the stairs to top floor. At the same time, they must be sure to inspect all the books and chests that they come across (scanning the cuffs can help with this).

Once at the top, a cut-scene will play and players will be introduced to Robian. It turns out that Auden’s father has been alive all along, though to say he’s a little worn out would probably be an understatement. After the cutscene ends, players must come back outside, where they have to face a group of Knights-Errant. It quickly becomes clear that these guys are not messing around, so players should be ready for battle.

How to defeat the knights-errant

Due to their large shields, attacking the Knights-Errant head-on is not an option, as at least until players unlock some of the most powerful spells in the game. With this in mind, players will instead want use the flow to get behind enemies quicklyand then cast spells on themuntil they are defeated. This strategy also works well defensively, as the players keep moving., they don’t have to worry too much about the knights hitting them. ranged attacks.

Back to Cipal

After defeating two waves of knights-errant, another cut-scene will play. The next time players regain control of Frey, they will be in an area called the Blessed Plains, which is located near Sipal. Heading into the city, you will progress through the story, so those who have not yet finished exploring the Chipal area should turn back. Even those who want may want explore the area just beyond Freysince there is a lot of mana here.

When they are ready, the players must pass through the city gateswhere they will find Sipal in chaos. Following marker towards the town square, you will see Tanta Power threatening Oden for helping Frey escape. As Kuff points out, Frey is kind of obligated to intervene, so the players should follow the instructions given to them and sneak up behind Tanta Forceto save Oden. This triggers another cutscene and a battle with the renegade knight.

How to beat Recreant Knight

To defeat Recreant Knight, players must hit him with a hail of spellsnecessarily using auxiliary magic as often as possible. His attacks can be quite brutal, although they give players use the flow to dodge, it shouldn’t be a big problem. After a while, the Recreant Knight will fly into the air, at which point players will need to aim one of his wings. This will ground the enemy, allowing players to finish him off pretty easy with spells.

After the Renegade Knight is defeated, there will be a few more cutscenes of the people of Sipal arguing over whether Freyr is to blame for what happened. They never get a chance to come to a final conclusion, although before they do, Frey vows revenge on the Tanta Force and chapter 3 comes to an end. Here, players will have the option to save, after which the fourth chapter of the game “To Do” will begin.

Forspoken Available now on PS5 and PC.

Forsaken: Walkthrough Chapter 3 (Intruder)