Fire Emblem Engage is now available on Nintendo Switch

Fire Emblem Engage is now available on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo announced that Fire Emblem Engage is now available on Nintendo Switch.

Every 1000 years, legendary heroes, the Emblems, grant incredible power to whoever has collected the 12 rings of Emblems. The time for this ritual approaches, and Alear, the Divine Dragon of Prophecy, awakens to gather the rings and bring peace to the continent. However, the Fallen Dragon Sombron, eternal nemesis of the Divine Dragon, has also returned to life and seeks to claim the power of the rings. Alear and those who remain loyal to the Divine Dragon are the only bulwark against Sombron’s ambitions…

Players will command the army of the Divine Dragon in turn-based battles across the continent of Elyos. Every clash will be different, requiring its own strategy and a specific approach based on the strengths and weaknesses of each unit. The use of the triangle of weapons will be essential to win the fights, in that each weapon has an advantage over another. In addition, both heroes and enemy troops using special arts will gain an advantage over their opponents, with the help of bows, spellbooks, and blades.

Planning your attacks carefully is essential when commanding each hero, with specific powers and weapons: take advantage of the environments, the position, and the particular talents of the characters. Your goal is to defeat the enemy on a checkered battlefield. It is also possible to recover emblem rings and use them in battle to summon Emblems, legendary heroes such as Marth et Sigurd. Emblems grant their powers and talents in combat, and share their abilities with the characters, when the bond uniting them is strong enough.

In addition, players will be able to personalize their gaming experience via a full range of difficulty options and game modes for all types of skill levels. ‘Normal’, ‘Hard’ and ‘Expert’ modes await, and if you want a more relaxed experience, opt for ‘Auto Battle’ mode so you don’t have to worry about the strategic aspect of combat. Finally, in “Beginner Mode”, your units that die in combat will be brought back to life, unlike in “Classic Mode”, where those same units will disappear forever. If you make a mistake in combat strategy, you can use a Dragon Time Crystal to go back in time and try again, regardless of the game mode selected.

The Expansion Pass for Fire Emblem Engage, including four DLC packs available over time, is available. The first DLC pack, released alongside the launch of the game, includes additional Emblems, new accessories, and more.

Fire Emblem Engage Edition Divine

A divine edition of the game including the game, a SteelBook case, illustrated cards, an A1 poster as well as a book of softcover illustrations called “The Art of Fire Emblem Engage” will also be available at this same time. date.

Fire Emblem Engage is available on Nintendo Switch.

Fire Emblem Engage is now available on Nintendo Switch