Fire brigade operation at MontanaBlack: Investigations initiated into swatting

MontanaBlack Ofper von Swatting

Fire brigade operation at MontanaBlack: Investigations initiated into swatting

Simultaneously three instances of swatting came at Twitter-Star MontanaBlack. A few days ago, a stranger had several emergency calls made and ordered the emergency services to Monte’s apartment. Who is behind it is still unclear. Everything that is known about the missions so far.

MontanaBlack falls victim to swatting

At 18:30 there will be a emergency call made. Reported are one Gas leak and an unconscious person in a private household. The fire brigade arrives, but finds no danger at the address given, but one who is alert MontanaBlack. After he was able to clarify the situation, the helpers left without having achieved anything.

Another call calls for the police about a burglary and finally a third because of one injured person to the same address.

The streamer became a victim of the so-called swatting. Not much is known about the incidents. According to the police in Hamburg, the requests for help were App Nora discontinued. The perpetrator or perpetrators are being investigated for misuse of emergency call facilities.

There is no reliable information about the motives of the callers. However, it could be one stalkers or haters act. Monte himself has not yet commented on the missions.

What does swatting mean?

At the swatting police, fire brigade or rescue teams become one false alarm called. Famous personalities are often affected, who are to be harmed by the action. Notes on the supposed emergencies submitted anonymouslyso that the perpetrators go as undetected as possible.

This is the built-in hardware MontanaBlack:

Swatting is one offense. If you are caught, you can be legally prosecuted. Prison sentences are usually imposed.

Swatting: Not the first case in Germany

The first known case in Germany came in 2015 in connection with the controversy surrounding the dragon lord. A stranger called the fire department. On the Dragon Lord’s property shall be a big fire broke out being. The perpetrator confessed and became a imprisonment sentenced to three years and five months.

Swatting is not trivial offense. People can get hurt and there are no rescuers to help others who really need help. Swatting is also a problem in other countries. Streamer Clara “Keffals” Sorrenti woke up one morning while the An officer’s gun was pointed at her.

Fire brigade operation at MontanaBlack: Investigations initiated into swatting