All Notorious Enemies and Where to Find Them (Solution)

Hogwarts Legacy: Berüchtigte Gegner, wo man sie findet (Fundorte, Lösung, Guide)

All Notorious Enemies and Where to Find Them (Solution)

Who his desire to explore in Hogwarts legacy gives in completely, you must be careful not to accidentally stumble over one of the enemies who act as notorious opponents are known. The strong opponents hide everywhere in the open game world and are basically particularly demanding versions known enemy types.

4 Notorious Enemies in Hogwarts Valley

  • Troll by Alexandra RickettMission: You can find this troll south of the village Brockburrow, southeast of Hogwarts. You can do the secondary mission there Troll Fighting accept from Alexandra, but then you also have to take care of this fat opponent. Alexandra’s troll doesn’t have any special tricks up his sleeve and is otherwise rather sluggish.
  • The Grimm & The White Wolf: From Keenbridge, follow the course of the river west until it forks. Then follow the northern branch towards the mountains and you will discover a small entrance to a cave at the end of the path, half hidden by thickets. Sneak in and you’ll find out inferi and same two strong wolves to do.
  • mud troll: Cross the river at the Flea Flame location of North Swamp at the Southsea and head north a few meters where you will eventually face this particularly ugly troll, which unfortunately is used by some swamp rattlers is protected.

2 notorious enemies in the Feldcroft region

  • Belgruff the Thug: East of the village Feldcroft in the region of the same name there is an old castle ruin, Rookwood Castle. There are all kinds of enemies here, but also the notorious opponent Belgruff. The kobold isn’t a particularly tough opponent, but it’s still a good idea to take out his cronies first.

2 notorious enemies in Hogsmeade Valley

  • Rampant Swamp Crawler: Located at the northernmost end of this region of Hogwarts Legacy. Run from the psyllium place Swamp at the north ford (east) go south and you’ll discover the Krattler’s nest with Revelio. Instead of just running in, you should first destroy the other Krattlers in the area so you don’t have to deal with a whole group.

(…) This guide is currently still under construction and will be updated regularly.

All Notorious Enemies and Where to Find Them (Solution)

All Week 10 Seasonal Challenges ✔️ WM【 2023 】

Destiny 2 Saison des Seraphs: Alle saisonalen Herausforderungen der Woche 10

All Week 10 Seasonal Challenges ✔️ WM【 2023 】

The final set of Seasonal Challenges for the Season of the Seraph in Destiny 2 is here. Only three challenges are associated with the tenth set of Seasonal Challenges, although two of them require quite a bit of grinding to complete. If you’re up to the task, you’ll be rewarded with tons of XP, Umbral Energy, and a little Light Dust.

This week’s challenges require you to find collectibles in Seraph’s Shield, complete EDZ activities, and obtain the final ornament for Veles-X. Usually there are a few more objectives than that, but this week there are only three challenges. We give an overview of the specifics of the challenges, the rewards and how to complete them as quickly as possible.

Seraph’s Shield IV

Seraph’s Shield IV: Locate all Warmind Nodes and destroy all Security Drones in the exotic mission “Operation: Seraph’s Shield”.


  • 50,000 XP
  • Seraphic Umbral Energy +8

This challenge is retroactive.

There are 12 Security Drones and four Warmind Nodes to collect at Seraph Station. You can destroy Security Drones by shooting them down with Revision Zero, a weapon you should already have obtained from Seraph’s Shield. Warmind Nodes are unlocked by creating a Resonance Tribe from the upgraded Resonance Booster in your inventory. In layman’s terms, play seasonal content and use your Resonance Booster in your inventory to locate a node; the amplifier will tell you where the Warmind node is.

The problem is that the warmind knot you get is a random knot that you haven’t made yet. You may get lucky and get all four Seraph Nodes in a row, or they may be interspersed with Objective Nodes. We recommend you collect all the Warmind Nodes if you want to take on this challenge as it is one of the requirements for the Seraph title.

As for security drones, follow our Seraph security drone guide. This shows you all the locations of the Security Drones in order of appearance, including the Seraph Shield Drones. Make sure you have Revision Zero in your inventory before attempting this.

EDZ activities

EDZ Activities: In the EDZ, you gain progress by completing Bounties, Patrols, Public Events, and Lost Sectors.


As with all other activity triumphs, you must complete activities in the EDZ. We highly recommend collecting bounties from Devrim Kay and clearing the Lost Sectors in Trostland. The EDZ Lost Sectors are incredibly short and grant a lot of progress per clear. Coupled with the bounties, you should be able to complete this challenge in under an hour.

Vanguard ornament

Vanguard Ornament: Purchase the Vanguard Ornament for Veles-X.


Orcus-X is the Vanguard Adornment for Veles-X, obtained by resetting your Vanguard rank and reaching rank 16 with Commander Zavala. This will take a few game sessions if you haven’t played Vanguard Operations this season. We recommend farming Nightfalls at the Adept level (Legend/Master if you can handle it) for optimal progression. Nightfalls on higher difficulties grant more reputation than Vanguard Ops and benefit from activity streaks. It’s also not a bad way to get your hands on this season’s Extended Deployment SMG.

For more information on leveling up your Vanguard Rank, check out our Vanguard Ranks Guide. And if you don’t have this season’s ritual weapon yet, check out our Veles X guide.

All Week 10 Seasonal Challenges ✔️ WM【 2023 】

Hogwarts Legacy: Treasure Map with Flying Candles

Hogwarts Legacy: Treasure Map with Flying Candles

Found a treasure map at Hogwarts? What are flying candles on the map? We explain to you what the treasure map is all about!

Treasure map with flying candles

Before we start about the Treasure map with flying candles Before we can speak, we need to make sure you have them in your possession!

If this map is still foreign to you and you don’t really know what we are talking about, you can get the map in the tomb under Hogwarts find. As part of the main order Apollonia Black’s diary to find it, you will come to the crypt. Hidden in a corner is a treasure chest with this Flying Candles Treasure Map!

Touch of Love – Treasure Map Flying Candles

You should now have the Treasure Map in your inventory! On the map you can see a forest, a bridge and candles.

With the forest is theForbidden Forest‘ meant north of Hogwarts. There is an intersection included fast travel point. Go there, to the crossroads, make sure it’s night, because this job doesn’t work during the day!

To conjure candles, you must have the “lumos‘, but candles are only conjured up at night! Then run west with the candle magic, past a bridge and further along the path.

A short time later you will see some candles on your left, then go along there. At the top of the hill is a Laid Table and Chairs – open the chest and this quest will be complete!

Hogwarts Legacy Treasure Map

That’s all for these collectibles, check out our for more tips Trophies Guide!

Hogwarts Legacy: Treasure Map with Flying Candles

Genshin Impact: Should you pull the staff of Homa or Aqua Simulacrum?

Genshin Impact: Should you pull the staff of Homa or Aqua Simulacrum?

Aqua Simulacra and Staff of Homa are great Genshin Impact weapons, so choosing between the two is pretty tricky.

Yelan and Xingqiu are known for their synergy with Hu Tao in Genshin Impact, which improves Wangsheng Funeral Home so much that it becomes a top-tier DPS. Therefore, when Hu Tao and Yelan conduct a simultaneous replay, it can cause dilemmas for the players. Not only because Hu Tao C1 is just as desirable as Yelan, but also because the weapon banner features two of the best weapons in the game: Homa’s Staff and Aqua Simulacrum.

If Genshin Impactplayers are having a hard time deciding whether they should get Staff of Homa or Aqua Simulacra, here’s a quick look at their performance and their character roster.

Is the staff of Homa worth it?

  • Main characteristics: 608 base attack
  • Secondary characteristics: 66.2% CRIT DAMAGE
  • Effect:HP increased by 20%. In addition, grants an ATK bonus based on 0.8% of the wearer’s Max HP. When the wearer’s HP is less than 50%, this ATK bonus is increased by an additional 1% of maximum HP.

The staff of Homa is a universal weapon in Genshin Impact. With its decent base attack and high critical damage, Staff of Homa is the best choice for any Polearm user looking to deal damage. The Staff of Homa also has a great effect that boosts its wielder’s performance even more, giving them 20% health at R1 and an attack bonus based on their total health. This effect works great with characters like Hu Tao and Zhongli due to their HP scaling. Other characters such as Saino, Raiden Shogun, or Xiao can still benefit greatly from Homa Staff’s passive skill in Genshin Impactas they can take advantage of this additional ATK% bonus.

List of Staff of Homa character levels

  • S-level:Hu Tao, Xiao, Zhongli, Qino
  • Level A: Rosaria, Raiden Shogun, Candice, Xiangling
  • Level B: strong> Shenhe, Yaoyao
  • Do not use: Toma, Yoon Jin

Should I buy Aqua Simulacra?

  • Main characteristics: 542 base attacks
  • Secondary characteristics:88.2% CRIT DAMAGE
  • Effect: HP increases by 16%. When there are enemies nearby, the damage dealt by the wielder of this weapon is increased by 20%. This will take effect whether the character is on the field or not.

There is a good reason why the Aqua Simulacrum is called the Staff of Homa Bows in Genshin Impact. The weapon is extremely versatile when it comes to matching the right bow user. As with the Staff of Homa, any character willing to deal some damage can easily grab the Aqua Simulacrum and perform better. The weapon’s low base attack does not affect characters like Yelan or Tignari, as their performance depends on other stats. However, units such as Genshin Impact Childe, Ganyu, and Yoimiya can work great with Aqua Simulacra due to its whopping 88% critical damage boost.

List of Aqua Simulacra character levels

  • S-level: Yelan, Child, Ganyu, Fischl, Tignari
  • Level A: Joimia, Collay, Amber, Venti
  • Do not use: Dione, Faruzan, Gorou, Kujo Sara
  • Eloy: do not use

Genshin Impact now available on mobile, PC, PS4 and PS5. A Switch version is in development.

Genshin Impact: Should you pull the staff of Homa or Aqua Simulacrum?

How to change your Patronus in Wizarding World (Pottermore)

How to change your Patronus in Wizarding World (Pottermore)

By creating an account on the Wizarding World website, you can discover and create your Portrait, House, Patronus and Wand to immerse yourself in the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts universe. While your profile data, such as House, can be easily changed by repeating a quiz, changing a Patronus is a little tricky.

Is it possible to change Patronus in Wizarding World?

The definitive answer to this question is yes. You can change your Patronus in your Wizarding World profile, however it’s not that easy. If you decide to bind another mythical creature to yourself, you will have to delete your existing account and create a new one. Otherwise, you can simply create a brand new sub account.

Connected: How to change your House in the Wizarding World (Pottermore)

How to change your Patronus in Wizarding World

Image Pro Game Guides
  • Go to the Wizarding World website and log in to your profile.
  • Click the gear icon in the top right corner to open Account settings.
  • Scroll all the way down to Support section and click Remove account option (see image above).
  • Enter and re-confirm your password and select Delete account to erase your data.
  • You can now sign up again using the same email address and change your Patronus along with all other profile details.

This will delete all your data and purchases associated with your profile, if any. If you’re happy with that, follow the instructions and change your Patronus. If you want to assign yourself a specific Patronus, look for guides that mention the exact answers you need to choose to get a Patronus like Stag, Hippogriff, Thestral, and Unicorn.

Stay tuned to the Pro Game Guides to learn more about the Hogwarts Legacy. In the meantime, go to our articles on the topic “The Wizarding World Doesn’t Work?”. How to check server status.

How to change your Patronus in Wizarding World (Pottermore)

Hogwarts Legacy: How to Solve the Central Hall Door Puzzle

Hogwarts Legacy: How to Solve the Central Hall Door Puzzle

At Hogwarts Legacy there are several animal puzzles. One of them is in the Central Hall, the place you will visit at the beginning of the campaign . Here is our guide to the Central Hall Door Mystery Hogwarts which will help you solve this particular puzzle.

Hogwarts Legacy Central Hall Door Guide Puzzle

To solve the puzzle with the door of the central hall in ” Legacy of Hogwarts” , you need to get to this area via the Chimney Flames fast travel point. This is part of the Astronomy Wing selection, and one of the first ones you unlock in the campaign. Go to the big statue, then turn left. You will see a mysterious door on the side right next to the courtyard exit.

Hogwarts Legacy Central Hall Door Puzzle Guide 1a

To solve this problem, you need to remember these hints:

  • As in other puzzles of this type, each animal symbol corresponds to a number from zero to nine, going from the lower left corner of the arch to the lower right.
  • Interact with the puzzle by pressing the “F” key to see the equation. There are two sets that require unknown characters (for example, “?” for the top equation and “??” for the bottom equation).
  • You will notice a number in the center of each equation. This is the sum of the numbers and/or characters around it.
Hogwarts Legacy Central Hall Door Puzzle Guide 1b

Given the above, we can solve the riddle of the central hall door in ” Legacy of Hogwarts ” by doing the following:

  • The top equation (“?”) requires Spider (8) -> 11 + Elephant (2) + Spider (8) = 21. The plate you have to throw is next to the door.
  • The lower equation (“??”) requires Hydra(3) -> Headcrab (5) + Killer Bacteria (9) + Hydra (3) = 17. You can climb the steps to the platform to find a round plate that you need to roll.

For your efforts, you will receive a small frame (collection) and a rare piece of equipment. Don’t forget to check out all other puzzles Hogwarts Legacy animals with door symbols to get great rewards.

Hogwarts Legacy Central Hall Door Puzzle Guide 1c

Hogwarts Legacy: How to Solve the Central Hall Door Puzzle

Merlin’s Trials in Hogwarts Legacy

Merlin’s Trials in Hogwarts Legacy

Merlin’s trials are one of the many mysteries you can learn about in Legacy of Hogwarts that are hidden all over the map. You can find symbols on the ground outside of Hogwarts, but they won’t become available to you until you complete the quest called Merlin’s Trials, where you will meet Nora Treadwell, an explorer who has been studying these symbols for quite some time. . Here’s what you need to know about Merlin’s trials at Hogwarts Legacy.

What to do about Merlin’s trials in Hogwarts Legacy

How you solve Merlin’s challenge will be related to the particular challenge. Not everyone is the same, but you can find their location on the map, indicated by the Mallowsweet icon that appears on the map. Whenever you pass by one of these areas, it becomes a point of interest on your map, so even if you can’t find it right away, there’s a good chance you can return to the Trial of Merlin and complete it at another point.

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When you arrive at the location, you will need to figure out how to start the challenge and what you need to do to complete it. It is also important that you have sweet mallow leaves on you. If you don’t have these leaves, you won’t be able to complete any of these quests. Tracking these leaves can take a long time. Alternatively, there are several places where you can find them, such as in the Herbology classroom or by buying seeds in Hogsmeade and growing them in the Room of Requirement.

Screenshot from Gamepur

We encourage players to complete the Merlin Challenges because they are constantly unlocking inventory slots for your character. This allows you to carry more equipment with you, rather than immediately selling it in the store.

Merlin’s Trials in Hogwarts Legacy

Conan Exiles: How to get Tar

Conan Exiles: How to get Tar

Conan Exiles - Tannery
Conan Exiles – Tannery © Funcom

One of the most coveted trade items in Conan Exiles is tar. A black, viscous mass needed for important res.

Tar is a black substance popular with alchemists and sailors. The item is described in-game as sealing wood, but there are many other uses for tar. A by-product of tanning hides, tar is often produced, but the need for Steelfire in the mid to late game often results in shortages of this valuable substance.

What is tar used for in Conan Exiles?

Tar protects the wood it is applied to, but it can also be used in various explosive substances. It is also an important part of one of the most valuable items in the game, the steel fire.

Tar is also used in some dyes and a handful of useful placeables, such as: B. dem Spring. Since steelfire is such a valuable re that will no doubt require a lot, knowing how to get tar is important.

How to get tar in Conan Exiles

Tar is the natural by-product of tanning animal hides. While there are other ways, this is the main way to get tar, especially in bulk. For a tar three skins must be tanned to their respective leather form.

A by-product of the tanning process, tar is a limited-time re in terms of the amount that can be crafted in an hour. Striving to produce more tar inevitably leads to higher raw material costs when building new tanneries. Still, sometimes it’s worth the investment to increase overall tar production. It depends on how much tar you want to produce and whether the need for that production justifies an additional tannery to increase the amount.

In order to tan hides, animal hides and bark must be collected to be processed in the tannery.

How to get animal skins in Conan Exiles

Collecting large amounts of animal skins depends on which area of ​​the map you live in. However, almost all animals, including humans, offer small amounts of animal skins when killed and harvested with a tool. For this reason, it is easily possible to collect smaller amounts of animal skins.

However, if one is looking for larger amounts, the best place is the savannah in the north center of the desert. This is an area of ​​hilly grassland where rhinos, elephants and tigers live. The savannah is a good place to farm animal skins, because there is not only plenty of yield here, but there is also the possibility of leveling up your own character or the thralls.

Combat in the savannah can be tough, so it’s best to bring at least steel weapons and tools with you, although iron can do if you’re careful. Bring a weapon you are comfortable with, a skinning knife, and some food, water, bandages, and potions to heal yourself.

The primary purpose is to hunt rhinos. These animals are easy to kill and offer plenty of hiding places. tiger are also a good option, however elephants should be avoided at low levels and hunted with a thrall or two. They are huge enemies that can deal a lot of damage.

Once each animal has been killed, it’s time to skin it. You choose that skinning knife and skin the carcass to get as much animal skin as possible. It doesn’t matter what type of fur or skin you get, because basically everything is useful. On a tour of the savannah, a large amount of animal skins can be collected from the animals that live here, as well as those killed on the way to and from the savannah.

Animal Hides, Rhino Hides, Elephant Hides, Reptile Hides, Thick Hides, etc. can be converted to animal hides at the Tanning Table if you wish. But they are also extremely useful for other things.

How to collect bark in Conan Exiles

In addition to animal skins, bark is also used as fuel for tanning. Unlike a campfire, oven, or fireplace, the tannery requires bark to tan the hides. However, bark is easy to obtain.

First you need a pickaxe. Iron is very useful in the early stages of the game, but having Steel or something better is even more beneficial. Then you look for a tree nearby and start chopping. An ax collects a lot of wood, but the pickaxe provides resin and bark. The resin is extremely useful, for example Insulated wood or Hardened Stone to produce, and bark is used in tanning.

Dead trees, which contain no resin but contain small amounts of dry wood in addition to the bark, provide an opportunity to collect more bark. However, these are rarely found.

There is also an alternative but less efficient method of obtaining bark, which involves breaking regular wood into bark. This is done at a carpenter’s workbench, and the wood to bark ratio will improve once you’ve crafted the upgraded version of the benches. This method can prove useful for obtaining bark, but one should not deplete wood supplies.

How to process animal skins

Now that the bark and hide are in place, it’s time to start tanning. At the beginning of the game you only own either the normal or the improved tannery. However, the upgraded tannery offers a slightly increased burn time, producing more tar per bark.

The Precision Tannery is the perfect choice for efficient tar production. This tannery consumes fuel much faster, which increases the need for bark, however hides are tanned 360% faster. If you’re able to obtain and maintain a large supply of bark, this tanning is a great option, but otherwise the Improved Tanning or Plant Tanning work very well.

Other ways to get tar in Conan Exiles

There are a few other methods of making tar without tanning hides, although they are far from ideal.

The first is to use one Alchemist Workbench for the production of tar. This requires any T4 alchemist and a handful of res. These recipes are listed below.

  • 20 Oil and 5 Crude Ash
  • 10 resin and 10 raw ash

Unless you already have a supply of raw ash, none of these methods are worthwhile. This is especially true when using oil, a valuable re that should not be used to make tar.

Another method is to crush coal into tar. To produce a tar, 25 pieces of coal must be placed in a liquid press. Even if you have large reserves of coal, such production of tar is not worthwhile.

Finally, there is something that cannot be obtained regularly, but is an alternative of tar. Killing animals will eventually give you some heads. These heads can be tanned into leather and tar at the Tannery. It is not very practical to extract tar using this method alone, but it is possible.

by Torge Christiansen

Conan Exiles: How to get Tar

Sonic Colors: Ultimate is now also available on Steam

Sonic Colors: Ultimate is now also available on Steam

Sonic Colors: Ultimate is now also available on Steam

Sega has finally released Sonic Colours: Ultimate on Steam.

The PC version of the remaster of the original game released on the Wii in 2010 was released in 2021, but was exclusive to the Epic Games Store.

Now it is also available on Valve’s digital distribution platform, where it also has a 30% discount as a launch promotion, until February 13. The discounts, in fact, extend to other titles starring the mascot of the Japanese company, such as Sonic Frontiers (30%) or Sonic Origins (50%).

The Ultimate version includes remastered graphics, Rival Rush mode (in which you race against Metal Sonic), a new Wisp power, and various quality of life improvements.

Sonic Colors: Ultimate is now also available on Steam

Learn the Hogwarts Legacy Disarming Charms (Jackdaw’s final resting place)

In the quest titled “Jackdaw’s Last Home”, you must first learn the Disarm Charm before you can start and then complete the quest. In this context, maybe one or the other Hogwarts Legacy player will ask the question, how to learn and unlock the disarm spell? If you have the same “problem”, this short guide may be able to help you.

Jackdaw’s final resting place quest

The disarm spell required for the quest is the Expelliarmus spell. To unlock the spell, one needs to complete the “Professor Hecat 2 Quest” which should also be in the quest log along with the quest “The Jackdaw’s Last Home”. After completing the Professor Hecats quest, return to the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom. Once in the classroom, you can then learn the disarming spell called Expelliarmus. After learning the spell in the lesson, you should also see a notification in the top left about the updated quest, Jackdaw’s Last Home, which you can start now.

Expelliarmus (damage spell)

Snatch wands and weapons from the hands of most opponents. Also deals damage to all enemies, even if they are not currently wielding a weapon.

The new “Expelliarmus” disarm spell can now be equipped by moving the d-pad to the right and assigning it to a button. To do this, first press the directional pad to the right, hold down the R2 button (PlayStation) or the RT button (Xbox) and then select one of the buttons on the controller.

Learn disarming spells

Tip: Here is how you can change the game language in Hogwarts Legacy and switch the game to English.