Best early game gear in Forspoken

Best early game gear in Forspoken

Forspoken can be a challenging open-world RPG filled with hostile wildlife, enemy soldiers, and deadly mutants out to bite you. The world of Athia is huge, so finding the right set of equipment and gear that will give you an edge can be tricky. This guide explains which early game gear in Forspoken will give you the best chance of surviving its challenges.

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Best early game build in Forspoken

Forspoken has a variety of magic spells to cast and equipment to find and upgrade. This equipment is divided into three categories. Raincoats, nails and necklaces. These items can be equipped to provide passive bonuses and improve Frey’s main stats. This is the best early game gear you can use in Forspoken.


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The best early game gear is as follows.

Drape Cloak: Critical hits have a chance to restore Frey’s health. Orison’s Necklace: Auto-healing effects trigger when an enemy is defeated. Slay Nails: Support magic deals more damage when Surge’s magic is fully charged. Clutch Nails: The effects of healing items are increased when health is low.

You will get these items by following the main story and you will be able to explore the open world to collect materials needed for upgrades. We suggest adding an increase in damage from all spells to these pieces of equipment and improve Frey’s defense. This will allow you to constantly heal yourself in combat and enhance your abilities and spells.

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This download can easily take you to the seventh chapter. There are several Mutants or World Bosses in the first region, and defeating them with this gear will give you a lot of powerful upgrades for the late games. Before you fight Tanta Prav in Chapter 8, we recommend looking around the map for other cloaks and necklaces that will improve your playstyle and builds.

Best early game gear in Forspoken