▷Stranded: Alien Dawn – What are relaxation routines? ✔️ WM

Gestrandet: Alien Dawn - Was sind Entspannungsroutinen?

▷Stranded: Alien Dawn – What are relaxation routines? ✔️ WM

In Stranded: Alien Dawn, your crew of survivors can’t jump from quest to quest like a team of automatons. On the contrary, your survivors are complex human beings with vital physical, mental, emotional, and social needs.

So instead of pushing your employees through unbearable working conditions, offer them a healthy work-life balance. Invest in fun and entertainment through new relaxation routines to ensure your crew’s long-term success!

Stranded: Alien Dawn is an Early Access title that is still in development. As such, the current version does not represent the content of the final game. As such, portions of this guide may become outdated/inaccurate as the title grows and evolves. Also, bugs and glitches can affect gameplay.

What is a relaxation routine?

A relaxation routine is any activity your survivors can do to help them relax. Even if they seem trivial, they are vital to the well-being of the survivors. A lack of relaxing activities or a lack of variety causes survivors to burn out and break down. However, if your survivors are given the time and opportunities to unwind, their happiness levels will regulate and they will maintain constant productivity.

How do I know my crew needs a new relaxation routine?

Sometimes a dissatisfied employee can surprise you. For example, suppose you schedule regular breaks for a survivor, but their mood remains low. In this case, you need to check the “Luck” tab in the survivor’s info panel. This chart lists the survivor’s current worries and joys that affect their mood.

If you see problems like “few fun things to do,” “lack of variety,” or “burnout,” these are clear signs that you are neglecting the survivor’s relaxation needs. Luckily, you can fill those needs promptly by constructing and crafting new things that pique the survivor’s interest.

Survivors also have a relaxation meter at the top of their status panel. This gauge shows how effective their relaxation routines are and when they need a break.

What relaxation routines are available for my survivors?

All kinds of relaxation routines are available to your crew if you invest the time and res necessary. Unlocking new activities, however, requires research to learn how to craft the corresponding items.

However, relaxation is not dependent on material pleasures. Sometimes interacting with the environment, whether it’s taking a quiet stroll or building a snowman, can bring simple joys. And then there are pets that make wonderful company.

Finally, survivors will occasionally reach out to you asking for closing time, music jams, and other gatherings. If you accept these requests, a meeting will be added to the daily schedule. In addition, these scheduled gatherings greatly increase crew morale and productivity.


Required Research

Required setup

Materials required

Gather around the Mushroom Torch

play a musical instrument

  • explore musical instruments

Play a round of darts

  • Watch Clothblossom, Skinbark, or Blade Grass for cloth.
  • 10 wood:
  • 10 metal alloys
  • 5 fabrics/leather

Hit the baton

  • Observe skin bark or slaughtered animal skins
  • observe blades of grass

target practice

  • Research weaponsmithing
  • observe blades of grass
  • explore desk
  • Workbench
  • 30 hay
  • 30 wood
  • A gun to shoot

Carve a statue

  • Observe a wild animal
  • Small statues:
  • Big Statues:

Sharing a beer with friends

  • Watch Graincob
  • explore brows
  • Wooden fermentation barrel:
  • Metal fermentation barrel:
  • Ale:

To pet an animal

  • Observe a tamable animal.
  • research animal taming.
  • Discover tamable fodder.
  • explore desk
  • animal stable
  • animal feeding
  • animal sleeping place
  • Animal barn from scrap:
  • Stick Animal Shed:
  • Wooden animal feeder:
  • Stone Pet Feeder:
  • Metal Pet Feeder:
  • animal sleeping place:
    • No materials required

Take a hit on the smoke leaf pipe

  • Small drying rack:
    • Stick rack: 10 sticks
    • Scrap Rack: 10 Scrap Metals
  • Large drying rack:
    • Wooden shelf: 25 wood
    • Scrap Rack: 25 Metal Scrap
  • 2 smoking pipes:
    • 10 dried smoke leaves
    • 4 sticks

How to schedule relaxation time

Sometimes the hardest thing about relaxing is making the time. If you feel like your Survivor is getting distracted by the next big task in their queue, be sure to visit the Schedule menu. The Schedule menu is located on the Manage tab in the lower taskbar.

The schedule tool is a chart that lists each survivor alongside the hours of the day. To assign a Survivor’s hour to a specific focus, click on one of the four focuses listed above: Anything, Relax, Work, or Sleep. Then click the hours you want to allocate to that survivor for each focus.

In addition, you can reset the schedule to default settings by clicking the “Reset” button, copy a survivor’s schedule using the “Copy” button, and apply the copied schedule to another survivor using the “Paste” button.

Each focus has a specific color, giving you an easy overview of each survivor’s day. Everything is beige, relaxing is yellow, working is pink and sleeping is blue. In short, if your Survivor never gets any rest, we recommend adding more yellow hours to their daily routine.

▷Stranded: Alien Dawn – What are relaxation routines? ✔️ WM