▷One Piece Odyssey: 9 Reliable Things Every Gamer Does ✔️ WM

One Piece Odyssey: 9 verlässliche Dinge, die jeder Spieler tut

▷One Piece Odyssey: 9 Reliable Things Every Gamer Does ✔️ WM

One Piece fans have been getting to know the Straw Hat Pirates for almost 30 years now and have internalized the little habits and idiosyncrasies of each character. That’s part of what gives the series its enduring appeal; you can get an idea of ​​what will happen next based on what stupid things Luffy has done in previous similar situations.

Being able to control all of the Straw Hats in One Piece Odyssey gives fans the opportunity to connect with their favorite characters in ways they might not have been able to before considering this is the first major RPG adaptation of the series is. If you have enough affinity for these characters, there are definitely a few things you’ll want to do whenever you can.

1 Check the minimap with Zoro

One of Zoro’s most outstanding character traits, aside from his skill with three swords, is his complete lack of a sense of direction. The guy gets lost walking up a flight of stairs.e; Unless he’s following someone, he inevitably ends up miles in the opposite direction from where he intended to go.

Chances are, the first time you walk through the overworld with Zoro, you’ll immediately glance at the mini-map in the corner of the screen to make sure it’s still there and still correct. Unlike in One Piece: World Seeker, the map remains, but you can’t deny that you had an instinct to look.

2 Stretch Luffy’s arms

Several people who have met Luffy throughout One Piece have noted that he has a very “entertaining” body. Much like stretching and ripping a rubber band found on the ground, there’s just something satisfying about stretching Luffy’s rubber-tired limbs all over the place.

This is also why Luffy is the most practical character to explore with; with his stretchy arms, he can smash crates and grab objects from farther away than any other character, and he does it much faster. Even if you could just walk over and pick up an item, it’s always more fun to reach for it.

3 Use Sanji’s Sky Walk

During One Piece’s two-year time warp, Sanji spent most of his time running away from the residents of the Kamabakka kingdom. When he no longer knew which direction to run in, he instinctively started running upwards, accidentally discovering how to perform his sky walk technique.

4 Charge Franky’s Cola

Franky’s advanced cyborg body is powered by the beverages he stores in his stomach-built refrigerator, with his highest energy level coming from the effervescent power of the cola. Whenever Franky fills up his coke, the sudden surge of energy is so great that he can’t help but strike his signature pose.

In Odyssey, filling up his Coke gives Franky a stat boost for a few turns, which boosts his other attacks. Not only does that mean it’s a sight to behold, but you can see him every time you want to refuel Franky. This is a SUPER incentive.

5 Use Robin’s grip whenever possible

Despite appearing so often in One Piece games, Robin only used her Dos Fleur: Grab technique once in the series: to persuade Franky to join the crew. Nonetheless, sheer spectacle has cemented it as one of her signature moves, which is likely why it’s one of the first skills she learns in Odyssey.

Is it an ethical technique to use? Not really, and to be honest we still cringe every time we see them. But despite being so terrifying, you can’t help but use it every time you’re dealing with an opponent it’s effective on. Call it a low hanging fruit if you will.

Use 6 Chopper’s monster point immediately

Before the time skip, Chopper would transform into a gigantic, frenzied beast whenever he ate more than two of his homemade Rumble Balls. However, thanks to training and study, he is now able to maintain his confidence in this form and turn it into a powerful weapon.

Much like the first time Franky ate a rumble ball into Chopper’s body in the Punk Hazard arc, you’ll want to see the Monster Point as soon as you gain access to it. In Odyssey, this is even more convenient than in the series, because Chopper isn’t paralyzed for an hour after reverting.

7 Spam Conqueror Haki

The ability to use the Conqueror’s Haki is said to mark those who have the qualities of a true king. Her personal aura is so overwhelming that weak-willed individuals and creatures cannot remain conscious even under the weight of her mere presence.

Once you get the ability to use Conqueror’s Haki with Luffy, you’ll no doubt use it on the very first enemy who gives you a funny look. For an authentic Conqueror Haki experience, play either “The Very Very Very Strongest” or “Overtaken” from the One Piece soundtrack.

8 Spam Usopp’s gag moves

Though Usopp has risen above his status as a wimpy gag character over the years, he’s still quite adept at fooling around, both for his own sake and for practical purposes. In Odyssey, this talent manifests in the form of special “gag” moves that only Usopp can use.

Gullible opponents can take significant damage from just a rubber band flick from Usopp in the face, not to mention his over-the-top pound attacks. Also, the Golden Pound move brings back memories of when Usopp defeated Perona on Thriller Bark, which remains one of his best knockouts.

9 Making skull and crossbones jokes with Brook

Much like checking the card while playing as Zoro, playing as Brook introduces a kind of subconscious habit, if you will. In particular, you can’t help but crack skeletal jokes when Brook is in your line of sight. He just brings out the joker in everyone.

Even when Brook isn’t talking or doing anything stupid, the thought inevitably comes to your mind, “How can I make a skull and crossbones joke in this situation?” Even if it’s not funny, you can’t help but get upset over a good skull joke. Not that Brook has any guts. Yohoho.

▷One Piece Odyssey: 9 Reliable Things Every Gamer Does ✔️ WM